There’s a crisis in American public-education. Children who attend the nation’s K-12 public schools are being indoctrinated with a worldview unknown to the one the nation was founded upon. The original purpose of American education was to instill virtue in the nation’s future adults, a sound understanding of America’s civic underpinnings, and training in the practical competencies necessary to a flourishing society, competencies like reading, writing, and arithmetic. But all that’s changed, such that each of these goals has been turned on end.  If the goal of public education is seen by what is actually taught, the purpose of education today is to promote a Neo-Marxist and arguably pagan worldview.  The academic label for this worldview is known as Critical Theory. This purpose is being accomplished mainly through three intersecting agendas, what we at POK call the “Triple Threat.”

Our Mission

To educate parents about the scope and dangers of the public-education system.

Together, these agendas threaten not only the health and well-being of our nation’s most fragile members, but our future as a free people. This site serves to shine light on these threats by providing evidence of their existence, the harms they present, and the options parents have to protect their children from them.

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