You might have heard about the recent school board elections in San Francisco where three of its members were recalled by margins over 70%. This in a city where Republicans make up only 6% of registered voters. What happened?

The main reason was, because of pressure from teachers’ unions, the SF School Board has mostely kept schools shut down. This despite clear evidence that children are at minimal risk and show low transmission rates. But SF voters were also angry over woke curriculums and attempts to rename forty-four of the city’s schools for, “allegedly sexist or racist appellations such as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein.” [1]

Parents finally said, “no more.”

What the WSJ called San Francisco’s “political foreshock” followed Virginia’s “political earthquake” where newcomer Glenn Youngkin deprived Terri McAuliffe of the Governorship after McAuliffe expressed his belief that parents had no business in their children’s public education.

While these are welcome developments, it’s much too soon to assume a trend. And in the meantime, day after day, month after month, California’s public-school children are being subjected to what POK calls the Triple Threat:

  1. Sex & Gender Theory
  2. Critical Race Theory
  3. Social & Emotional Learning

California still has a progressive super-majority in the state’s legislature that is busily thinking up new ways to corrupt education. Together with obtuse school boards, powerful teachers’ unions, Planned Parenthood, and a myriad of various groups advancing the LGBTQIA+ agenda, they work in unison to indoctrinate California’s children into an openly pagan and irrational worldview. Worse yet, while the financially able may have found a way out, over 90% of California’s K-12 school-aged children are held captive to the public-school monopoly.

But help may be on the way!

A ballot initiative, known as the Educational Freedom Act, would provide parents with an Educational Saving Account (ESA), starting at around $14000/year that parents could use to pay for a religious or non-sectarian private school. All unused funds would accrue for future primary and secondary education or college. If the measure were to pass it would almost certainly open a floodgate of educational competition and finally give parents a way out of the public schools.

To find out more watch the video above, visit, and consider signing the petition. Time is of the essence. For the measure to make it on the November ballot it will need close to 1M verified signatures, all of which must all be collected before April 11, 2022.