No, the image above is not a mistake. It’s a screen shot from the Trevor Project, a site promoted by the National Suicide Hotline to kids in the public schools. As the website states, the Project is intended to support LGBTQ young people including those “thinking about suicide.”  And tragically, many LGBTQ kids are doing just that.

As reported recently in the WSJ, overall there’s been a roughly 60% increase over the past decade of high-school girls reporting feelings of “persistent sadness or hopelessness” according to the CDC. “Thirty percent reported they seriously considered attempting suicide in 2021, up from 19% in 2011.” It’s one thing to consider suicide; it’s quite another to actually attempt it, which 1 out of 5 LGBTQ kids did in 2021.

The CDC, which included 17,232 respondents in its 2021 data, said the report showed ongoing and extreme distress among teens who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, questioning their sexual identity, or another nonheterosexual gender identity. More than half of these students reported recently experiencing poor mental health and 22% reported attempted suicide the past year, the CDC said.

Clearly, something’s not working.

But rather than help kids embrace their natural biology, the public-schools, with help from state legislators and special interest groups like the Trevor Project, are doing all they can to pour gasoline on the fire.

In California and in other states, February is Suicide Prevention Month. Since 2020 (as per Senate Bill 316) all student ID cards for grades 7-12 are required to show kids how to access the National Suicide Hotline. The Hotline is also publicized on school posters and websites. Schools even pass out stickers with the Hotline number that include LGBTQ+ Rainbow hearts and gender identity blue and pink hearts. If a child calls the Hotline and shows anxiety about their gender, a crisis counselor may steer them to the Trevor Project, the same organization where Sam Brinton, prior to his arrest, served as vice president of advocacy and government affairs. Once there, already traumatized children quickly find themselves exposed to a world of dystopia that would be hard to fathom were it not for the evidence.

As a foretaste of what kids are likely to encounter, the website instructs them on how to use the “Quick Exit” button in case a parent walks by and sees what they’re being exposed to.


For example, kids may find themselves being counseled by adult LGBTQ activists whose main interest is advancing their own agenda. Kids are invited to sign up for various Chat Spaces. Examples include:

  • “Chosen Family – A place to find chosen family who loves and accepts you;”

  • “Regression Space!!! – A safe space for age and pet regressors;” “Furries United – A place were furries, catgirls/boys, people just interested, or anything in between can talk and be friends;”

  • “Gay Men Club – Let’s talk about boys! But seriously, here’s your place for support, love and friendship;”

  • “The Roommates Squad – This is a club where we all pretend to be roommates. The rent is $10 a month. Send to me, at 1234 I’m Gay Lane (Joke) Dear God, keep this…:”

  • “Non-binary Pals – This club is for youth on the non-binary spectrum. Have some pride my nonbinosaurs (emojis);” and the,

  • “Witchcraft Club – A place for all Pagans, Wiccans, and Witches to have a community within TrevorSpace.”

TrevorSpace may also try and survey kids without parental permission. When facilitated by the school system, as through Student ID cards, this is in violation of state law. Last month, POK confronted the Santa Ana Unified School Board on this illegality and read a letter into the public record written by our friends at the Pacific Justice Institute. You can read the letter here…

And lest you’re apt to think it’s only here in California where such predation reigns, POK researcher and media specialist, Katie McCarthy, uncovered evidence of the same in conservative Texas. You can access her detailed Expose’ here…

What can parents do? First and foremost, remove your child from the public-school system. If that’s not possible, then do all you can to insulate them from the inevitable pressure to conform to the woke worldview. Opt them out of all surveys and morally compromised instruction. Share this information with friends and loved ones. Confront school officials and state legislators. Make your voice heard!

Light is the best disinfectant for evil.