Many parents who hear about Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) for the first time are skeptical. “It can’t be that bad.” The idea that government schools would impose a radical program of SeXXX-Ed on innocent children, they think, must be an exaggeration. Yet when these same parents see for themselves actual samples of teaching materials being promoted and taught, suddenly, the lights come on. “It’s worse than I imagined” is a sad, but common, refrain.

The links below provide important background information on the forces and organizations and behind CSE and direct, sample-curriculum, evidence of its corrupting nature. You can jump to the K-12 Sample Curriculum page to see what’s being taught, but the other links provide valuable information worth learning about.

Goals of the Curriculum
CDE Framework
How CYHA Curriculums are Chosen
Who Teaches the Curriculum
K-12 Sample Curriculums