It’s a rarity that we see an education bill introduced in California that supports children and parents. So when it happens we need to get behind it. Assembly Bill 1314 is that bill!

Introduced by Assembly Members Bill Essayli (R – Riverside) and James Gallagher (R – Placer), if passed, AB-1314 would: “require that public school educators notify parents and guardians within 3 days from discovering that a pupil is identifying with a gender different from that pupil’s biological sex.”

POK has submitted a letter to the Education Committee in support of this legislation. You can read and download our letter here…

California has the unsavory distinction of leading the nation in harming public school educated children. Here’s just a sampling of the shameful bills passed going back 20 years:

  • AB-537 (Davis – 1999): Permits teachers to openly display their LGBT status in the classroom.
  • Title V Education Code (Schwarzenegger – 2004): Gender is redefined to include one’s “perceived identity, appearance or behavior, whether or not that identity, appearance, or behavior is different from that traditionally associated with a person’s sex at birth.”

  • AB-1266 (Brown – 2013):Bathroom Bill.” Requires all K-12 public schools to permit biological boys who identify as girls in the girls’ restrooms, showers, clubs, and sports teams; and biological girls that identify as boys in the boys’ restrooms, showers, clubs, and sports teams.

  • AB-329 (Brown – 2015): “Healthy Youth Act.” Requires that explicit sex and gender theory-based curriculums be taught in our public schools.

  • AB-1184 (Newsom – 2021): Requires health insurance companies to hide from parents’ “sensitive” medical procedures performed on their own children. These include abortion, drug abuse and mental health services and, under certain circumstances, hormone replacement and gender change surgery.
  • AB-101 (Newsom – 2021): Requires that a curriculum in Critical Race Theory (“Ethnic Studies”) be taken and passed in order to graduate from High School.

  • AB-367 (Newsom – 2021): “Menstrual Equity Act.” Requires that tampons and menstrual products be placed in boy’s bathrooms.

  • SB-107 (Newsom – 2022): Gives California courts custody jurisdiction over children, even those visiting from other states, if their parents don’t go along with that child’s desire for gender transition medical treatments.

For progressive CA legislators, however, these laws don’t go nearly far enough. They are continually thinking up and proposing new legislation to double and triple down on corrupting the state’s children and depriving parents of their rights. Here are just the latest under consideration:

  • AB-5 (2023): If passed, would provide special training and tools to CA educators to more effectively advance the LGBTQ+ worldview on school campuses.

  • AB-957 (2023): If passed, would require CA judges to strongly consider affirming a child’s subjective gender identity on name change petitions, regardless of the parent’s wishes.
  • AB-665 (2023): If passed, would allow children as young as 12 years old to consent, without parent approval, to being placed into a state funded and controlled group home in order to advance the child’s subjective gender identity.

California is infamous for its policies advancing sexual license and fluid gender identities. But we should ask if these policies produce the well-being in our kids that is promised? They do not. As our letter points out, the data shows that the exact opposite is occurring.

The forces behind gender affirming care laws and treatments insist that the reason for the policy/results disparity is the persistent lack of acceptance felt by those whose identity does not match their biology. Yet a 30-year study out of Sweden, arguably the most transgender affirming nation on earth, shows the suicide rate of transgenders to be 19 times that of the general population. Here at home, the CDC reports that 22%, or 1 in 5, of those who “identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, questioning their sexual identity, or another nonheterosexual gender identity” have attempted suicide.

It’s a public policy scandal. That’s why, when sensible bills like AB-1314 are introduced by brave legislators we need to support them.

For those of you willing to act, our friends at the California Family Council recommend the following urgent steps. We agree, and urge you to make haste!


1.  Contact CA Education Committee Chair, Al Muratschi, and request that a hearing for AB-1314 be set. 

Assemblyman Al Muratschi District Office
3424 W. Carson Street, Suite 450
Torrance, CA 90503
310-375-0691 or (916) 319-2066

Staff members:
Bryan Singh – Chief of Staff (Assemb. Al Muratsuchi)
(916) 319-2066

Melissa Ramoso – District Director (Assemb. Al Muratsuchi)
(310) 375-0691

Becky Cheng – Principal Field Representative (Assemb. Al Muratsuchi)
(310) 375-0691

Here is a link to all the members of the Education Committee: Please reach out to their offices as well and ask for a hearing: Members | Committee on Education. We specifically encourage you to reach out to these offices:

2.  Submit letters of support for AB-1314.

The link to Education Committee is here.
You can submit your letter of support via the Ca Legislature Letter Portal

3.  If you can help write op-eds, email

4. Social Media: Here is a link to some of the social media CFC has put together: Feel free to use it or use the ideas to create your own. 

Here are some sample slogans to support AB 1314. Always include this tag link #YESonAB1314 on your posts

No Secrets from Parents.
Seven-year old’s don’t have privacy rights from their parents.
No State Sanction Lying.
Don’t Force Teachers to Lie
Children Need Their Parents: No Secrets.
Children are the Domain of their Parents.
Secrets don’t save children.
Keep Parents in the Loop.
Secrets don’t prevent suicide.
Parents Need to Know.
Secrets Don’t Stop Suicide.
Parents are Essential.
AB 1314 Strengthens Family Relationships.
Parent involvement isn’t dangerous.

5. Sample School Board Resolution:

Ask your local school board to adopt a resolution in support of AB-1314. Here is a sample School Board Resolution from the CHINO VALLEY UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT.

Finally, the California Family Council has put together this Call in Campaign. It connects anyone to call their own Assemblymember on AB-1314.