As we approach Thanksgiving, we are reaching out to express our immense gratitude for your tremendous support this past year. You helped us enlighten many thousands of parents about the dangerous indoctrination in public schools across California and throughout our nation

There are close to 6 million children in California public schools and 77 million nationwide. Radical indoctrination is spreading across the country like wildfire. There is much work to be done as our challenges continue to grow exponentially.

In addition to informing parents and concerned citizens about the radical public-school indoctrination, we continue to create resources to help parents discover alternative paths of K-12 education. We rely on donors to cover the growing expenses of delivering this critical information. However, our donor revenue is unpredictable at best.

That is why we are asking you to become a member of our ‘Guardian Angels’ program by making a recurring monthly donation in any amount. Your commitment will provide us with steady financial support that we can count on. It will help us speed up our content production by allowing us to budget for the future. This will enable us to help more parents get their kids out of public schools before it’s too late.


The hearts and souls of our children are under attack. This is the greatest challenge we face. Our mission is to save as many kids as possible from the dangerous indoctrination in public schools. You are the backbone of our ministry. This Thanksgiving, we’d like you to know that we are sincerely grateful for your support.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mark R. Schneider
Founder and President
Protect Our Kids