POK is pleased to announce the completion of several projects we’ve been working on and that we’re excited to share with you.

First, we’ve just completed our newest video, The Triple Threat, which shines a light on the coordinated harms to our children through the public school system: 1) Sex & Gender Theory, 2) Critical Race Theory, and 3) Social & Emotional Learning.  This 10-minute video provides a summary of each of these threats and explains why they’re so destructive to developing minds. If you have time for only one of POK’s videos, this is the one we recommend watching and sharing.

Because we feel this information is vital, we’re producing it in several languages starting with Spanish and Korean. Other languages will follow in the weeks ahead.

For a deeper look into these topics POK has produced supporting videos that go into greater detail on each of the three harms.

Soon we will release the Triple Threat video in Chinese and Romanian, so stay tuned.

Next up is a project we’ve been working on for awhile. One of POK’s longstanding goals has been to encourage and enable the local church to take a more active role in education. It’s how education began in our nation. Primary and secondary schools were religiously grounded and almost entirely private. Our most vaunted universities —  Harvard, Princeton and Yale — began life as Christian seminaries. In that same spirit, we believe that the local church has a unique opportunity to protect children from an increasingly corrosive public education system and re-engage the culture through education.

It is for this reason that we’ve just published, “The Church’s Calling and Education: How to Start a Private School.”

This publication is aimed at Pastors and other church leaders who may have considered starting a school but don’t know where to begin. Here we provide a step-by-step guide on how to plan, design, and grow a church-based school. Reviewed by multiple professional educators and school administrators, this document covers everything from choosing a school model and academic approach to legal requirements and attaining school accreditation. The product is both downloadable and available in booklet form (5.5” x 8.5”) upon request. You can find the downloadable form now on our “For Pastors” page.

As we state in the booklet, “Church based schools reflect the roots of American education. Schools committed to the Biblical worldview can literally transform the lives of children held captive to the public-school monopoly.”

It’s happened before in our history, and it can happen again!

Finally, to those of you who follow and support the mission of POK, thank you! This work would not be possible without you.

We live in perilous times. The America remembered by our older citizens and adored by the shrinking disciples of its Judeo-Christian roots is fading quickly into the twilight. Will there be another sunrise? It’s anything but certain. As the astute American observer, Edward Luttwak, warns:

When I look at the United States from the outside, as an America-loving outsider, I see a country in the throes of one of those periodic implosions that are not entirely legible to non-Americans. You have manias about race. Manias about gender identity. You have the willful disaggregation of universities and other institutions under the banner of wokeness, which is a doctrine of blind obedience to a party line established by people who are 95% illiterate and can’t remember what they decreed last week. Policy is a product of hardened dogma, and therefore inevitably fails.”

“And you have a so-called elite that spits hysterical contempt for the people in whose name they ostensibly rule, denouncing them as a pack of racist, sexist, white supremacist, transphobic, gun-toting disease-spreaders who will hopefully soon die out and be replaced by a more obedient class of servants. … The last aristocracy that showed this kind of contempt for its own people and popular folkways was the French in the days of Marie Antoinette.”[1]

That did not end well.

One thing seems certain; if America is to be granted another sunrise it will only come through a Son-rise in the hearts and minds of people dedicated to God’s purposes in the time and circumstances to which He has placed us.[2]  It’s time to be about the Master’s work.

[1]  …as quoted in American Renewal Project by David Lane

[2] “He made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined their appointed times and the boundaries of their habitation…” Acts 17:26