by, Pastor Gheorghe Rosca

If you are a Gen. X or Boomer, this might come as a surprise, but Marxism is being taught in our public-school system. By this I don’t mean an elective course that rightfully teaches about the evils of Marxism. Rather, Marxism is being taught as the solution to all America’s problems. It is sprinkled through just about every subject matter, policy, and guideline. This infiltration has happened over decades, but in the last five years it seems a critical mass has been achieved where all of this is, unapologetically, has come to the forefront – at least in California. In 2015, the California legislature updated the Education Code via AB-731 to remove the following disqualifier to teaching in the state’s schools;

Knowing membership by the employee in the Communist Party.” [1]

This removal was taken a step further by the California Legislature in 2017 with AB-22 which ended…

a decades-old ban on members of the Communist Party working in its government, after the state Assembly approved a bill that would delete references to the party from its employment requirements.” [2]

The brazen blitzkrieg of these Marxists has been amplified via the Trojan Horse of Black Lives Matter (BLM). What should be a statement that everyone agrees with has been hijacked by an organization that has other things in mind. Two of the three co-founders of BLM have gone on record stating they are “trained Marxists” [3]  and their “what we believe statement” is calling on all “comrades” to unite around the world.

Since BLM’s founding in 2013, it has successfully established a working relationship with the National Educators Association (NEA) and the California Teachers Association (CTA). The CTA’s June/July 2020 newsletter supports this organization and the curriculum they’ve created for K-12. This curriculum is filled with activist material that seeks to eliminate the nuclear family and abolish “heteronormativity.” The NEA, via its #RedForEd campaign, has even created red t-shirts with slogans that are blatantly racist, such as:

“Asians ≠ Model Minority.”

Why is the NEA suddenly demeaning persons of Asian descent? I can only assume it is because of an Asian culture that consistently instills the value of excelling in education to its youth. This is a good thing that should be celebrated, not denigrated.

BLM Members are now assuming positions of leadership within the CTA, such as the recent appointment of Cecily Myart-Cruz as President of the “United Teachers Los Angeles” (UTLA).[4]  Marxists are now not only allowed to teach California’s children, they are  leading entire union chapters and using their power to continue the march towards turning future generations of Americans into Marxists.

As parents and Americans, we should be very concerned with such indoctrination. Our children, rather, should be taught the truth about Marxism, Communism and Socialism. Since the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, more than 100 million people have lost their lives due to Marxist, Socialist, and Communist systems of governance. My own family suffered gravely under the brutal Communist regime of Nicolae Ceausescu in Romania. We fled to America, the land of freedom and opportunity. America has, up to now, been able to withstand Communist attacks from the outside; but are we resilient enough to withstand attacks from within? Time will tell, but we “Survivors of Socialism” see right through the narrative being sold to America under the guise of anti-bullying for LGBTQ curriculum or the anti-racism BLM curriculum. Both are being used to bring Marxism to the forefront of the classroom. It is up to us as parents and concerned citizens to stop this well organized, well-funded blitzkrieg.

[1] Education Code 44932.a.10