POK expected that the Biden Administration would bring dramatic changes, and it’s not wasted any time. The President’s fourth Executive Order (EO)  – Preventing and Combating Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation –  requires that, for purposes of discrimination policy, all federal agencies define the word “sex” in our Civil Rights code to mean “sexual orientation, gender identity.” Of course, the Order was given aid and comfort by the Supreme Court in last year’s Opinion, written by Neil Gorsuch, in Bostock v. Clayton County. Now, the DOJ and other agencies are required to review their current policies and issue guidance in compliance with the EO, a key provision of which states: “(Transgender) Children should be able to learn without worrying about whether they will be denied access to the restroom, the locker room, or school sports.”

It’s one thing to impose such policies on adults, but this is likely a preview of more sweeping changes to come and which are destined to directly affect our nation’s children. In the run up to the Election, the Biden/Harris campaign touted, “The Biden Plan to Advance LGBTQ+ Equality In American And Around the World.”  If fully implemented, that plan contains policies that would ripple through society and directly challenge Constitutional rights, namely, those found in the First Amendment. Among other things, the “Plan” includes:

  • Reversing the transgender military ban,
  • Issuing non-binary gender Passports and other government IDs,
  • Guaranteeing that transgender students have access to school bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms and sports teams based on their gender identity,
  • Eliminating LGBTQ+ youth homelessness,
  • Enforcing and strengthening LGBTQ+ related “hate crimes,”
  • Banning “conversion therapy,”
  • Restoring federal funding for Planned Parenthood,
  • Passing the GLOBE Act, which would permanently make upholding LGBTQ+ rights a priority of the foreign policy of the United States, and
  • Passing the Equality Act, the most radical proposed piece of legislation in America’s history.

In addition, as if Comprehensive Sexuality Education wasn’t bad enough, new threats are making their way to our public schools in the form of Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Historical Revisionism (HR).  CRT teaches that western, and especially, American society is based on systemic racism and oppression. HR teaches that the American Republic was founded, not upon the truths expressed in the Declaration of Independence, but on the Founder’s desire to maintain and promote what historical revisionists are calling a “slavocracy.”

CRT and HR are a direct challenge to western civilization and the values underlying the American experiment. Together with CSE, they present a form of increasingly ominous state-sponsored indoctrination. POK will be reporting more on these threats in future publications, but if ever there were a time to consider exiting the public-school system, that time is now.