You’ve no doubt learned of the political earthquake in Virginia last Tuesday. Glenn Youngkin, a Republican private-equity executive with no previous political experience took down veteran Democrat, Terry McAuliffe, in the Governor’s race. And this in a mostly blue state where President Biden carried it by 10 points. Even more telling, in races across the country regular citizens upset about critical race theory (CRT) and other woke ideologies successfully flipped school boards.

Parent Power

What happened? Parents. Like Biden in 2020, as recently as late August, McAuliffe was leading his opponent Youngkin by 10 points. But something happened. In their last debate of September 28th, McAuliffe expressed his frustration with parents of school-aged children and carelessly blurted:

“I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

If there was a moment to mark his gubernatorial defeat, this was it.  McAuliffe’s remark went viral, firing up an already exercised parent electorate. This was, after all, Loudoun County country, the focus of parent protests over obtuse school boards, which led in turn to calls of “domestic terrorism” by the National School Board Association (NSAB) followed by the weaponization against moms and dads from the Biden Administration and its Department of Justice (DOJ).

Youngkin’s victory shocked leftist pundits across the major media networks. Stephanie Cutter of MSNBC warned ominously of future defeats if Dems couldn’t quickly turn perceptions around and pronounce themselves “the party of the parents.”

The DNC as the Party of parents?  Now that’s rich.

POK is not aligned with any political agenda; but neither are we blind to the stark differences between the two main parties on issues parents care about. The Democratic Party has been responsible for virtually everything parents of school-aged children are reacting against, and especially the cult of wokeness invading public-schools:

  • Sex and Gender Theory Indoctrination
  • Critical Race Theory
  • Historical Revisionism
  • Coed school bathrooms
  • Anti-parent teachers unions
  • Absence of school choice / vouchers
  • Education statutes designed to keep parents in the dark
  • Obtuse school boards
  • Forced vaccines…

All of these have been advanced by just one political Party, and it’s not the Republicans.

It’s past time Americans know what the DNC stands for, how they view parental rights, and react accordingly. If there’s any good news, it’s that Virginia proved it can happen. Parents opposed to McAuliffe and his DNC ideals proved they were willing to cross party, racial, and economic lines to protect their kids. While it’s too soon to make predictions, parents justifiably upset about the threats to their children from public schools are suddenly a powerful political force; one that, hopefully, will play loudly in the 2022 midterms. Indeed, Virginia has shown that if parents can unify, they can win.

Parents Unite!

Mark R. Schneider

Mark R. Schneider
Founder & President, Protect Our Kids