POK’s mission – “To educate parents about the scope and dangers of the public-education system.” – hasn’t changed in the four years since we started. But how we accomplish that mission has changed dramatically over this time. As our content offerings have grown, we realized the need to re-structure our website. Well, we’re happy to announce that goal has now been achieved. The new site is much more friendly and navigable.

From the landing page you can scroll down to quickly access important information, like our Triple Threat video and supporting content. You can also find all of our – Say What?! – weekly podcasts from the landing page that you can listen to right from the site.


The new Menu has been designed to enable quick access to existing, as well as content newly available. For example, under Toolkits, there’s specialized information for parents and pastors as before, but now also for Teachers.

We’ve also added a page – Medical Research – where we will host the latest scientific findings regarding Gender Ideology and Transition.

New content is also available on private and homeschooling under the Public Ed Alternatives Menu pick.

Finally, all of our Brochures, along with our videos and podcasts, are easily accessible from the Multimedia menu pick.

We hope you’ll take the time to explore our new site and please tell others of its availability, especially parents of school-aged children.