Protect Our Kids was formed in response to California Assembly Bill 329 (2015), the sinisterly named Healthy Youth Act. That law mandates the teaching of Queer (Sex & Gender) Theory in our public schools, also known as “Comprehensive Sexuality Education.” At the time we considered it the worst piece of legislation in the state’s history. However, since then the slippery slope has been on a steep glide path. Last year saw passage of AB-1184, which enables insurance companies to hide from parents’ school-brokered “Sensitive Services” (i.e., gender medical treatments) given to their children by off-campus providers. Following this was the Menstrual Equity Act – AB-367 – that requires schools to put tampon dispensers in boy’s bathrooms for girls who identify as the opposite sex.

Very recently California’s legislators passed Senate Bill 107. Known as a “gut and amend” bill, it modifies sections of the state’s civil code to make California a Sanctuary State for “Gender Affirming Care,” or GAC.

GAC is the totem under which children suffering from gender dysphoria receive psychological and medical treatments to mask their biological sex.

This means puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and body mutilation surgery. How does SB-107 advance GAC?

The bill:

  • Encourages and enables confused minors to come to California for GAC medical treatment that is denied them in their home state.
  • Allows California courts to take jurisdiction over out-of-state minors who come into California to seek such GAC services.
  • Orders California law enforcement to not cooperate with out of state officials and ignore the laws of other states that restrict GAC services.
  • Flouts the Full Faith & Credit clause of Article IV, Section 1 of the United States Constitution with respect to other state’s child custody laws.

SB-107 pits parent against parent and state against state.

What now?
SB-107 is sitting on Governor Newsom’s desk. He doesn’t need to sign it for it to become law. That will happen at the end of the month unless he affirmatively vetoes it.
If you’ve not already made your voice heard, now is the time.  Contact the Governor today and urge him to veto SB-107.