Walking off a cliff?

In the next week or two, Congress is scheduled to vote on H.R.5, aka, the Equality Act, which promises to “prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex, gender identity, and sexual orientation, and for other purposes.”  Nancy Pelosi is pushing for a vote this week in the House where it is expected to easily pass. Then onto the Senate. President Biden has signaled he would like to sign it into law within his first 100 days.

Biden Equality Act

As promoted by the radical Human Rights Campaign, if enacted, this Bill would enforce “explicit non-discrimination protections for LGBTQ people across key areas of life, including employment, housing, credit, education, public spaces and services, federally funded programs, and jury service.” To accomplish these goals, the Bill would amend a host of existing laws including the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Fair Housing Act, the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, the Jury Selection and Services Act and others.

Why should you be concerned about this Bill? The Heritage Foundation lists 7 reasons:

1) It would penalize Americans who don’t affirm new sexual norms or gender ideology.
2) It would compel speech.
3) It could shut down charities.
4) It would allow more biological males to defeat girls in sports.
5) It could be used to coerce medical professionals.
6) It could lead to more parents losing custody of their children.
7) It would enable sexual assault.

If you’re surprised by this, you shouldn’t be. It’s been long in the making. In addition to state laws that have been expanding LGBTQ “rights” for years, in 2003 in Lawrence v. Texas, the Supreme Court struck down state anti-sodomy laws. Twelve years later it legalized same-sex marriage in Obergefell v. Hodges. In 2019, in Bostock v. Clayton County, Georgia the Court ruled that employers cannot discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. The Equality Act would mark the culmination of a nearly twenty-year history of normalizing and expanding what used to be considered moral perversion by the force of law.

Among the “other purposes” the Bills sponsors have in mind, for parents already concerned about radical SeXXX-Ed in the public schools, the Equality Act could lead to federal courts mandating curriculums that normalize fluid sexual orientation, gender identities, and family structures; medical professionals performing irreversible gender-transition procedures on minors without parental consent; and prospective foster parents being required to affirm a child’s subjective gender identity in order to qualify. Many states already have such laws. Even more ominously, it could render impotent the protections of the First Amendment: freedom of speech, freedom of the press, free assembly and the free exercise of religion. Even basic rights of conscience are at stake for licensed professionals (teachers, doctors, lawyers, etc.) and others who refuse to subscribe to the new orthodoxy. Just this last week, Ethics and Public Policy Center (EPPC) President, Ryan T. Anderson, reported that his book, When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Movement, warning against transgender activismsuddenly disappeared from Amazon.

Does the Equality Act represent a line of no return for America? It is hard to imagine a way back if such a law is passed.

What you can do?
1) Pray! 
2) Contact your Representative in Congress to express your opposition.
2) Call and write your Senator to oppose this Bill.
2) Pass this message along to others similarly concerned.