Multiple studies show that homeschooled children are actually more adept and sophisticated socially than their public-school educated peers.[1] This makes sense. The notion that homeschooled children are isolated from society is a complete myth. The homeschooling community today is a complex web of neighborhood, church, community, state, and even national groups that provide both parents and students more opportunities for engagement than they have time to explore. Parents can join coops, sports leagues, scouting, volunteer organizations, political campaigns, field trips, and academic clubs of all stripes: math, robotics, computer programming, literature, language, speech & debate, all tailored to a child’s unique gifting and needs. Rather than being isolated to a particular age demographic, homeschooled kids regularly engage with people of all ages, most notably, caring, responsible adults.

[1] Taylor, John W., “Self Concept In Home Schooled Children,” 1986, Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI; Lines, Dr. Patricia,