At Protect Our Kids, we strive to bring our members accurate information about threats in the public school system and the forces driving them. In support of this effort is our latest video: “What are Sexual Rights?”

You’ve probably heard of Civil Rights and Human Rights, but never about Sexual Rights. Coined by Planned Parenthood, the new terminology is critical to understand due to the fundamental shift it’s creating in our Public Education System. If Sexual Rights are elevated to the status of Human Rights, then they are due every person, regardless of age, and must be taught to young people in school.

But where do these supposed rights come from, the State, or our Creator as described in the Declaration of Independence?

Both the phrase and its defintion were coined by the International Planned Parenthood Federation in a document titled, “Sexual Rights: An IPPF Declaration,”[1] which was formally adopted by that organization in May 2008. 

As the IPPF states, “…Panel members agreed that the development of a declaration of sexual rights was fundamental to the realization of IPPF’s vision and mission.” (Pg. 3) They went on to state that; “Sexual Rights are Human Rights related to sexuality… Sexual rights are constituted by a set of entitlements related to sexuality that emanate from the rights to freedom, equality, privacy, autonomy, integrity and dignity of all people.” (Pg. 6) Notice the clever interweaving of human rights language and ascribing them to sexual rights. They go on to define ten key sexual rights due to every human being.

In order to understand these, we must first inspect the new definition of Sexuality and Sexual Rights. The term “sexuality,” as defined by Planned Parenthood and then formally adopted by the World Health Organization; “encompasses sex, gender identities and roles, sexual orientation, eroticism, pleasure, intimacy and reproduction…thoughts, fantasies, desires, beliefs, attitudes, values, behaviours…” (2006A)[2]

In support of this concept, Planned Parenthood created ten articles in their Sexual Rights declaration. Our video inspects these to see how PP embeds new definitions and concepts into seemingly innocent human rights language applicable to children.

To learn more, watch the video by founding POK board member, Pastor Gheorghe Rosca Jr. The ten articles and seven principles in the Sexual Rights Declaration are a lens for parents to see what Planned Parenthood and its allies are seeking to accomplish in our schools and culture. Know the facts, and then share them with your family and friends in order to PROTECT OUR KIDS!