While the law does allow school staff to teach CSE, the use of guest speakers is encouraged. Planned Parenthood, for example, is the “nation’s largest provider of sex education” according to its website and provides teaching resources for cities across the state. The CDE listed qualifications for outside speakers can be found here.

School Districts that elect to have its own staff teach CSE are supposed to first undergo formal training. This teaching is provided through the Sexual Health Educator (SHE) Training Program.  Module providers for SHE features many politically motivated and social activist organizations, including:

Healthy Teen Network: which exists to “promote better outcomes for adolescents and young adults by advancing social change…”

National LGBT Health Education Center: whose mission is to “advance health equity for LGBTQIA+ people which may intersect with the LGBTQIA+ community…”

GLSEN: “Championing LGBTQ issues in K-12 education since 1990.”

Teaching Tolerance: “Our program emphasizes social justice and anti-bias.”